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Re Marketing At Cal-Tenn Financial

Vehicle Remarketing from Cal Tenn. Financial includes comprehensive services that can help auto lenders and dealers shorten turnaround time and maximize resale prices for their returned vehicles. Cal Tenn. Remarketing focuses on disposing your inventory quickly and increasing the value of your auto loans and lease portfolios by providing the ability to increase returns and decrease your charge offs .


Vehicle remarketing can be a challenging proposition for lenders and dealers who are looking to quickly and cost-effectively move inventory. Developing and implementing an effective vehicle disposition strategy is more than simply placing ads or sending inventory to auction. It is also about delivering results by using solid technology, finely tuned processes, experienced staffed and strong industry relationships based on years of experience.

Our vehicle remarketing operations not only lowers turn time but also increases profits, lowers operational costs, streamlines processing and tracts performance. Established relationships with major providers and the broad use of internet sales channels results in the most competitive bids for automotive lenders, community banks, finance companies, large and mid-tier credit unions, and retail banks, and large and small independent car dealers.

Cal Tenn. Remarketing offers more than 40 years of automotive remarketing experience. Associates manage a wide variety of portfolio types, including prime, sub-prime, specialty, auto leasing and manufacture. Designated managers, coordinators and back-up team members monitor processors, operations, inventory and sales daily so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our team handles day-to-day administration; a nationwide title network; on-sight representation at auctions that guarantee competitive auction rates; and numerous internet selling channels. Ongoing communication with clients about options and performance insures that our remarketing services are delivering maximum results.


  • Cal Tenn. Remarketing has handled more than 100,000 vehicle sales nationally.
  • Client-specific reports include matrix that are customized to meet the needs of each portfolio
  • Vehicles are sold at the best possible price while incurring the lowest possible associated cost
  • Industry connections help Cal Tenn. Remarketing secure optimal lane position to improve vehicle visibility and ensure best sale prices at vehicle auction
  • Cal Tenn. Remarketing will offer access to our nationally discounted pricing matrix at auctions nationally that will enable clients to reduce their selling expenses.
  • The ability to bundle the service along with our other general services for a one stop shopping experience. Stream lined, cost effective and efficient

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From beginning to end, auction communication is vital. Our team at Cal-Ten recognizes the importance in understanding our auctions, and therefore pays attention to the details of every auction that we utilize to remarket your collateral. We coordinate every step of the process with our auctions. Cal-Ten has a system of checks and balances that utilizes our advanced technology and software to help us monitor the expenses of all auctions and assigns monthly performance rankings to each. This data is used to ensure optimal performance of your account. Being part of our combined-client volumes at Cal-Ten gives you exclusive auction perks and negotiated fees.


Once we identify the marketing that will generate the greatest ROI for your collateral, Cal-Ten will partner with the corresponding auction to schedule cost-effective transportation. Cal-Ten truly values you as a client and looks to obtain the most for your investment every step of the way, always making choices with your best interest in mind.


With constant changes in the market and prices that fluctuate based on where your collateral is sold, Cal-Ten looks out for you to make sure to get the most out of your investment. Cal-Ten is able to represent your collateral online at remote sales. Buyers can bid on the collateral online against buyer in the lane. This expands the spectrum of potential buyers. Cal-Ten also utilizes auction platforms allowing buyers to bid on our collateral 24/7, 365 days a year.


Cal-Ten understands how important it is for you to receive your sales proceeds promptly after the sale of your collateral. With Cal-Tern, the transferring of funds is now easier than ever. Within 24 hours of payment from the auction we can electronically deposit funds into your account.


Cal-Ten highly experienced team of reps provides live representation for most of our sales to ensure the best performance of your collateral possible. With such a wide array of vehicles including cars, trucks, SUV’s, RV’s and boats, Cal-Ten draws in a diverse of buyers.


Cal-Ten has an experienced team of on-site representative who will collaborate with auctions to perform detailed inspection of your collateral. To insure top dollar for your vehicle, Cal-Ten will make cost effective repair and reconditioning recommendation to help maximize the value of your collateral.


Cal-Ten utilizes our knowledge and experience, along with our understanding of marketing conditions, we are able to set realistic floor price for your collateral before the day of the auction.